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"The scariest and most comforting thing that I know is that there are 24 hours in a day"

When this quote came to me, it made me realise that both our best day and our worst is limited by a ticking clock. It only has to last 24 hours; then it moves on. 


It is natural to struggle. However, you do not need to, or deserve to do this alone. We are all given a brain, but not a manual on how to keep it happy and healthy.

Sometimes, we need help.

Whilst we may feel like life's toughest moments will destroy us; time remains external to us. It keeps going, even when we do not want it to. Because of this, I am here to provide support for you when you reach the day after what you thought may have been the end, or close to it.


When clients are considering therapy. I like to turn to my quote of "tripping over tree roots" . We do not need to dig it all up for you to move forwards, and heal. However, if you are curious, or tripping over the roots and fossils in your life - I can help you through it.

Life is here to be experienced. But, we do not always get through it without scars, hiccups, trip ups, or relapses. After all,"A life altering event cannot be life altering if we do not let it affect us". This is because, in life we grow from both the "good" and the "bad".


It is okay to change.

Cheryl Richardson once said that

"A heard person will heal" 

Because of this, I have chosen to become a person-centered counsellor advocating for the power of not just talking, but actively listening to peoples stories.

I am offering 55 minute support to those aged 10 and above.


The reason why I have chosen to do this in a person-centered modality is because I believe that counselling should be guided at your pace, and in your way.


You are the expert on your life. 

I am here to walk alongside you, and to help you navigate the story that you have been living each day. 

I have chosen to work in a client-driven way that relies on empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard.

I work in a non-judgemental way that revolves around respect, openness, care, warmth, and acceptance.

Putting you at the centre; where you belong.


By presenting space for you, and holding what is going on within the room, I hold your thoughts and feelings so that you can experience them outside of your body. 

I sit with you through your re-telling of your story, and intuitively feed back what I am experiencing and noticing.

I aim to work in a way that is helpful to your counselling experience. As you move through your 24 hours, the 24 hours which have passed, and the 24 hours that are yet to come.

We can face what you bring, together. 

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  • 2023, Counsellor on Placement at Aberlour Youth Point 10+.

  • 2023, Youth Worker (Drugs and Alcohol) 12+.

  • 2021, Counsellor on Placement at Women's Aid 16+.

  • 2021, Counsellor on Placement at Aberlour Youth Point 16+.

  • 2021, Youth Worker (Disability Service) 7+. 

  • 2021, SHOUT Crisis Worker.

  • 2020, Young Persons Mentor 10+.

  • 2020, Rape Crisis Trustee.

  • 2018, Student Listener at CGS 11+.

  • 2017, Mental Health Advocacy for MHFA.

  • 2017, Mental Health Advocacy for Time to Change. 

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  • 2023, RFG PDA Masters in Counselling Children and Young People 10+ (ongoing). 

  • 2022, COSCA Diploma of HE in Person Centered Counselling and Psychotherapy 16+ - Distinction. 

  • 2021, Counselling Tutor - Online and Telephone Counselling (inc: Asynchronous Counselling - Text and Email).

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