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Neurodiversity is the difference in brain function among one another.

It comes with its own set of strengths and difficulties.

What I Have Learnt About Neurodiversity

2017-19, CGS - Developing an Understanding of                                                       Social Influence, Memory, Attachment,                                             Bio-Psychology, Psychopathology, and                                             Schizophrenia.

2021, SHOUT - Safeguarding Disability. 

2021, SHOUT - Safeguarding Dementia.

2021, SHOUT - Safeguarding Children with Disabilities. 

2022, Carolyn Spring - Working with Dissociation, DID and                                      Somatisation. 

2022, RASASH - the Impact of Trauma on the Brain and Body.

2022, Aberlour Children's Charity - Working With Autism.

2023, Hat Full of Bees (ADHD Coaching) - Introduction to ADHD.

2023, Scottish Recovery Consortium - Understanding how                                       Distraction and Boredom can Manifest into                                     "Purpose Anxiety".

2023, NHS TURAS - Using Motivation, Action, and Prompts to                Facilitate Change.

2023, NHS TURAS - Considering the Roles of Fast and Slow                  Decision Making. 

2023, Emotion Coaching through Recognising, Validating,                        Setting Limits, and Problem Solving.

2023, Scottish Recovery Consortium - Building and Maintaining            Motivation. 

2023, Scottish Recovery Consortium - Managing Thoughts,                    Feelings, and Behaviours through REBT                                          (Rational Emotional Behavioural Therapy).

2023, NHS Mandated CBT Interventions for Anxiety - LIAM                      "Let's Introduce Anxiety Management".

Let’s Work Together

If you, or someone you know, are struggling with any of the above, feel free to get in touch.

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