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Pregnancy, Babies, Children & Young People

Puppet Show

Young people are our future. With numerous sources saying that our brain stops developing in our mid to late 20's -                I have chosen to class young people as those who are 0-25. 

In the UK, we follow GIRFEC.

Also known as

"Getting It Right For Every Child".


young people are entitled to...

SAFE - know how to keep themselves safe, who they can go to.

HEALTHY - eat a balanced diet, exercise, keep clean, and have friends. 

ACHIEVING - have the chance to learn, practice, win, work hard, and be told how great they are.

NURTURED - to have places they know they belong with friends and family.

ACTIVE - to exercise, play, dance, enjoy games, and go on outdoor adventures.

RESPECTED - to be listened too and valued, to be involved, and make choices.

RESPONSIBLE - to follow instructions, be a role model, help others, and follow rules. 

INCLUDED - to have a family and friends, to work together, to take part in different things, to be heard.

What I Know About Children And  Young People

2017, Youth Mental Health First Aid in Depression, Anxiety,                     Self-Harm, Suicide, Psychosis, and Eating Disorders. 

2020, Aberlour Children's Charity - Promoting Positive                            Behavior, Building Resilience, and Child Protection.

2021, SHOUT - Safeguarding Children Levels 1&2. 

2021, SHOUT - Safeguarding Children with Disabilities.

2021, Lewes College - Masters in Understanding Child and                    Adolescent Mental Health. 

2021, Scottish Drugs Forum - Children Affected by Parental                  Substance Use.

2021, RASASH - Working with Childhood Sexual Assault and                  Exploitation. 

2023, Youth Mental Health First Aid in Depression, Anxiety,                    Self-Harm, Suicide, Psychosis, and Active Listening. 

2023, Emotion Coaching through Recognising, Validating,                        Setting Limits, and Problem Solving.

2023, NHS Mandated CBT Interventions for Anxiety - LIAM                      "Let's Introduce Anxiety Management".

2023, ASH Scotland - Understanding Smoking and Vaping by                Young People, Understanding Smoking by Young Carers,              Supporting Young People to be Smoke Free. 

2023, Scottish Recovery Consortium - Understanding How                     Distraction and Boredom can Manifest into                                     "Purpose Anxiety".

2023, Scottish Recovery Consortium - Looking at the Role of                  Masculinity in Young Boys Addictions. 

2023, Scottish Recovery Consortium - Understanding the                       Role of Drug Use in Identity. 

2023, Solihull Approach - Antenatal Support in Understanding               Pregnancy, Labour, Birth, and Your Baby (inc: in Gender                 Diverse Families).

2024, Solihull Approach - Postnatal Support 0-6 Months -                       Understanding Your Baby.

Let’s Work Together

If you, or someone you know, are struggling with any of the above, feel free to get in touch.

If 16 and above and you are able to give consent to counselling by:

  • knowing what counselling is and want to attend

  • understanding that you can stop counselling at any time, pause sessions, or finish a session early

You can get in touch without parental consent or knowledge.

Please be aware that someone 18+ will need to be given (Name and Number) as an emergency contact, and that parents will be aware if they are paying for the sessions directly. 

Please include age in the message.


Clients under 16 will receive a contract that will need to be counter-signed by a parent, guardian, or caregiver. 

Thanks for submitting!

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