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The things that are not feeling quite "right".

The gut feelings, second thoughts, regrets, aspirations, wishes, daydreams...

Behaviour Change


To make a decision. To do, or not to do.

The push and pull between the shoulds, oughts, wants, and ifs. 

The rock and the hard place of our minds.

What I Have Learnt About        Behaviour Change

2020, Aberlour Children's Charity - Promoting Positive                          Behaviour and Building Resilience. 

2021, Scottish Drugs Foundation - Motivational Interviewing in            Addiction. 

2023, ASH Scotland - Working with Behaviour Change.

2023, NHS (HealthPoint) - Alcohol Brief Intervention.

2023, Scottish Recovery Consortium - Understanding                            Banduras Principles of Self-Efficiency and Mastery. 

2023, Scottish Recovery Consortium - Understanding the                       Importance of CHIME.

2023, Scottish Recovery Consortium - Understanding the                      Concepts of Personal, Social, Collective, and Communal              Capital. 

2023, NHS TURAS - Using Motivation, Action, and Prompts to              Facilitate Change. 

2023, NHS TURAS - Considering the Roles of Fast and Slow                  Decision Making. 

2023, Scottish Recovery Consortium - Understanding How                    Distraction and Boredom can Manifest into                                    "Purpose Anxiety".

2023, Emotion Coaching through Recognising, Validating,                       Setting Limits, and Problem Solving.

2023, SMART - Building and Maintaining Motivation.

2023, SMART - Working with the Stages of Change.

2023, SMART - Using a Hierarchy of Values.

2023, SMART - Utilising Cost Benefit Analysis. 

2023 - SMART - Learning how to Cope with Urges. 

2023, SMART - Managing Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviours              with REBT (Rational Emotional Behavioural Therapy).

2023, SMART - Disputing Irrational Beliefs. 

2023, SMART - Using the ABCDEF Model. 

2023, SMART Goal Setting. 

2023, NHS Mandated CBT Interventions for Anxiety - LIAM                      "Let's Introduce Anxiety Management".

2023, RASASH - Impact of Trauma on the Brain and Body.

2023, Carolyn Spring - Working with Dissociative Disorders in              Clinical Practice. 

Let’s Work Together

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