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I follow the ethical guidelines of COSCA(2014).

As a counsellor, I take responsibility in upholding the best interests of my clients. 

I must only work within my competence. This will be monitored by my supervisors, and myself. 

When needed, I will seek support to find out how to continue to best support my clients, or will refer on to a more suitable source. 


I may also undertake CPD (continuous professional development) to ensure this.

My clients safety is my upmost concern. 

Please see "Urgent Support" if there is an immediate risk to your safety. 

Within sessions confidentiality (your right to session content privacy) will be held unless there is belief that there will be substantial harm to someone, or the client themselves. 

I am bound to report: 

  • Serious Harm e.g., risk of death or severe injury purposeful, or not.

  • Sexual Relations involving those under 13.

  • Acts of Terrorism.

  • Fraud. 

I am bound in these areas under British Law, and specifically, the laws that govern Scotland, UK. 

Brief notes will be kept for each session held. These will be held for a minimum of 5-100 years dependent on circumstance. 

Please see GDPR for more information. 

How I Stay Up To Date On Safeguarding

2020, Aberlour Children's Charity - Child Protection. 

2021, SHOUT - Safeguarding Children Levels 1&2. 

2021, SHOUT - Safeguarding Children with Disabilities. 

2023, SHOUT - Safeguarding Adults Levels 1&2.

2021, SHOUT - Safeguarding Adults with Disabilities.

2021, SHOUT - Safeguarding those with Dementia.

2021, RASASH - Working Safely with Active Self Harm.

2021, RASASH - Working Safely with Active Suicidal Ideation.

2021, RASASH - Working Safely with an Active Suicide Plan.

2023, Scottish Drugs Foundation - Overdose Prevention and                  Intervention (Naloxone Trained 2023). 

Let’s Work Together

If you, or someone you know, are struggling with any of the above, feel free to get in touch.

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