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Sessions are not confirmed until they are approved.

Sessions cancelled within 48 hours will usually not be refunded.

I will use my discretion to refund sessions depending on circumstance. 

If sessions are cancelled in surplus of 48 hours notice, clients can ask to have their payment carried forward to fund their rescheduled session.

I currently offer online, audio, and face to face sessions.

I can offer email or text counselling at request. 

Please inquire about a free 15-minute consultation if unsure.

If you have any concerns about funding your counselling please contact me.

If booking through my website, concessions are offered via provision of a coupon code that can be applied at checkout to reduce costs. 

Concessions are currently offered to Low-Income, those 66 and over, under 16 year olds, Students, Trainee Counsellors, and the Unemployed.

Limited concessional spaces apply.

Our Services

Online, Telephone, and Face to Face Counselling
is offered Monday and
at the Elgin Counselling Centre from 9am-7:30pm.

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